Thursday, November 7, 2019

Lack of Teen Representaion in essays

Lack of Teen Representaion in essays The Lack of Representation of Teens in Government What was the significance of passing the graduated driving law in New Jersey? It only delays the inevitable. Anyone born after January 1, 1985 falls under the graduated licensing program. It is completely unnecessary. It splits the entire tenth grade in half. Half the teens get their deserved license at 17. The rest of us, will have to wait till we are 18. It wouldnt bother us so much if we were told this when we were kids, but they throw this at us a year before we get our licenses. It is cruel and unusual punishment against us as teens because we are teens. We are not 18, so we have no say in government. Something we cant control. This needs to change. We have rights too. This law is unnecessary because it only delays the timing when teens get their real licenses. It doesnt change the fact that new drivers are immature and fool around, whether they are 17 or 18. There is still going to be just as many accidents. The law doesnt make any sense. All it really does is restrict teens from carpooling, and it puts a curfew on driving. Teens are responsible drivers when they drive with their parents because they dont want to lose their parents trust; it is only until they get to drive alone that they do stupid things. Nighttime is the best time to fool around, but teens will fool around at night when they turn 18. The law is just delaying the inevitable, and it is punishing teens who havent even done anything to break the law. The deeper problem, is that the politicians pass this law on teens that cant legally take part in the government. There is no one to represent us, because all the people that can legally represent us are adults, and the adults find no problem with this law. It doesnt affect them. The government either needs to stop passing laws that restrict teens, or allow us to repre...

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