Tuesday, November 19, 2019

The evaluation of Mid Staffordshire NHS Foundation Trust Coursework

The evaluation of Mid Staffordshire NHS Foundation Trust - Coursework Example Using post-investigation developments, this essay will attempt to draw lessons from this experience in the light of strategic business management principles in health care. The Trust Case MSNHSFT provides healthcare for 300,000 residents and targeted to deliver high level and culture of care by following regulations and aiding its staff to perform their duties responsibly and accountability. However, the last four years proved the institution’s failure to exhibit these themes and the increasing death toll of patients was appalling. A full independent investigation of MSNHSFT was done to hear, review, appraise and evaluate the capacity of administrators and its human resource about poor professional services, how it negatively impact to patients and eroded the institution’s credibility (Francis, 2010). Investigating team were mandated to look into the culture, systems, processes, or the general performance of management to understand how it miserably failed to meet the e xpectation of excellent service. The investigation gathered 966 persons and 82 staff of the Trust as respondents. Such encouraged review of the Department of Health (DoH) too and periodic monitoring since then. Recommendations were thereafter formulated for immediate actions (Francis, 2010 & Care Quality Commission, 2010). Investigation and recommendations The investigation covered reports relating to diagnoses and medication, health and sanitation, patients’ care and management, safety and risk mitigation in its facilities, nutrition and patients diet, cleanliness and infection prevention, reporting and documentation, as well as on its flow of communication (Francis, 2010 & CQC, N. and Care Quality Commission, 2010). The investigation’s results summarily pointed: failure in operations management, failures in business processes and failure in customer/patient handling aspects. a. Failures in Operations management—is illustrated with issues on (a) administrationà ¢â‚¬â„¢s so much focus on processes but not on outcomes; (b) gaps between management and staff which resulted to the latter’s exclusion in management; and (c) negligence to increasing figure of mortality rate of patients (Francis, 2010 & CQC, N. and Care Quality Commission, 2010). b. Failures in Business processes -- The institution failed to maintain professional standard in the absence of genuine performance appraisal, supervision assessment and professional development. MSNHSFT has weak management decisions and was not transparent on its accountability. It also relied on false guarantees from external assessments. (Francis, 2010 & and Care Quality Commission, 2010). c. Failures in Customer/patient handling aspects—The hospital staff failed to maintain professional standard as depicted in their (a) inability to fully listen diligently to patients’ complaints; (b) failure to respond to challenges on geriatrics care; and (c) absence of concern to increasing stat istics of patients’ who died while under care (Francis, 2010 & Care Quality Commission, 2010). Considering all of these problems, the investigating team and the DoH made 18 recommendations, on top of which is for the Secretary of Health to consider asking the Monitor to enforce its de-authorization over MSNHSFT, or if it will be sustained of its operation, to enforce professional standard managing this hospital foremost. Recommendations also demanded from the institution to live out professional leadership

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